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Business Socialising for the Festive Season.

business socialising 01 150x150 Business Socialising for the Festive Season.It’s almost holiday season again and it will soon be time for the parties to begin; there will be the usual round of business/social events including cocktail receptions, luncheons and dinners – so now might be a good time to brush up on your English socialising skills.

In what ways do you try to build a relationship with a new business contact? What situations have you encountered when socialising with people from other cultures?  What differences (and similarities) have you experienced? Socialising with your business contacts isn’t just for fun – it can also make doing business a lot easier.

How many business deals have been closed not in the boardroom, but in a restaurant or bar? Whether you are at a business dinner, an exhibition stand, showing a visitor around your business or hotel, or attending a festive season event – you need to be able to make conversation in an appropriate and confident way.  The ETC…English for Socializing is for those people who want to be able to build and maintain successful business relationships with international clients, guests and colleagues.

With ETC…English for Socializing you will practice .and present all the essential expressions and conversation techniques that will enable you to socialize and make business contacts in English within the following areas:-

Making Contact:business socialising 03 150x150 Business Socialising for the Festive Season.
Welcoming Visitors
Getting Acquainted
Entertaining a Visitor
Eating Out
Networking at a Trade Fair

Each unit of the ETC…English for Socializing is designed so you present and practice various strategies for successful socialising and small talk.  You will also experience a wide variety of engaging exercises, stimulating role-plays and conversation activities which are designed so you can practice your new socialising skills in realistic relationship-building situations.

You will also learn to  understand the potential difficulties that may arise when you are trying to establish good business relationships and learn to exchange pleasantries or simply chat with ease. You will also learn useful phrases and vocabulary that will enable you to make small talk on a variety of topics such as the weather and sport.

business socialising 02 150x140 Business Socialising for the Festive Season.ETC…English for Socialising is part of our ‘Confidence in English’ programs.  It is an ideal course for anyone who needs English to socialise in a professional situation.  With our ETC…English for Socialising, uncomfortable silences during a business dinner will be a thing of the past – you will be prepared for anything! So contact us today and make the most of your social events this holiday season!

Japanese Companies are Turning to English Language for Help

Shinjuku District Tokyo Japan 150x150 Japanese Companies are Turning to English Language for HelpMajor Japanese businesses realise the importance of using English, if they are to compete in the expanding international market – do you?

Japan’s top online retailer Rakuten is trading Japanese for English as its official language – company wide – in preparation for an overseas expansion, a move “crucial for us to survive in this competitive industry,” said spokesman Hirotoshi Kato.

However the online giant is not the only Japanese firm to turn to the English language as it searches for overseas growth due to shrinking domestic markets.

During October 2010,  electronics maker Sharp announced they will adopt English as its official language, in its research and development division in Japan and Fast Retailing, which operates the cheap-chic Uniqlo brand, also plans to become a more global company, looking to increase its overseas sales ratio to more than 50% in 5 years from about 10% now.

Electronics giant Panasonic says about 80%  of its new recruits for white-collar positions will be foreigners in the financial year starting next April.  Kentaro Kakihana, leader of Panasonic’s global recruiting team, said the company was seeing “demand for more foreign colleagues to help develop products that suit various local needs”.

Electronics giant Sony, which is headed by Welsh journalist-turned-CEO Howard Stringer, says it has aggressively recruited engineers in emerging countries such as China and India in recent years.

But for Osamu Kishimoto, the general manager at Sony’s human resources development department, nationality is not an issue. “We are just looking for excellent talent.”

Talented and well trained English speaking employees are definitely an asset to any business and  well-structured, professionally delivered English training such as an ETC…Confidence in English program can help your business  survive and expand in this current economic climate.

ETC…English Training Courses  are committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations with innovative and effective Hospitality, Professional and Sales & Marketing English Language Training solutions.  So CONTACT US TODAY and see how our strategically designed English Training Courses will focus upon on the specific requirements your business needs to build and develop successful international guest, client and customer relationships.

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Australian Government Considering TOEFL English Testing for Immigrants

Australia toefl article image 1 Australian Government Considering TOEFL English Testing for ImmigrantsThe Australian government’s dependence upon the IELTS test (International English Languate Testing System) to determine the English language level skills of would-be immigrants may soon becoming to an end as a recent reports say alternative exams, such as TOEFL (The Test of English as a Foreign Language) are now also being considered.

According to The Daily Gaurdian, an Australian newspaper has quoted an Immigration & Citizenship Department spokesman as saying that the minister in charge, Chris Evans, had written to ETS, the US company that produces Toefl, and other test providers to tell them of “his in-principal support for the acceptance of more than one English language test under the migration regulations”.

“We’re very hopeful. There’s really no objective reason why Toefl could not be confidently used in the Australian [immigration] context,” Eileen Tyson, an ETS representative in Australia, told the newspaper.

In 2008 immigration officials launched a review of the Ielts monopoly by inviting other test providers to make their case for recognition.

Last month Evans also revealed a new, scaled-down list of occupations that will be accepted under the skilled migration programme, a major route to settlement for foreign nationals. The number of eligible jobs has been reduced as part of a move by the government to match workers to higher-skilled and in-demand Australia May Accept TOEFL Qualifications Australian Government Considering TOEFL English Testing for Immigrantsemployment.

The new Skilled Occupation List has been compiled by Skills Australia, an independent body established by the government to assess workforce needs. “This list is designed to target occupations of longer-term economic value and will deliver highly skilled migrants while breaking the nexus between permanent residency and low-value education courses,” Evans said.

This is  great news for all Thai learners of English as a Foreign language, especially if you are considering working in Australia, or if you have an employee who would be a vital asset to your Australian business.  So why not contact us today and see how ETC… English Training Courses can help you prepare for your TOEFL test.