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Helpful Training Tips for Koh Samui Small Business Owners

training tips 1 Helpful Training Tips for Koh Samui Small Business OwnersWell-trained staff members are vital if your small business is going to survive this current global economy.  A great number of studies have proven that the most motivated, effective and productive employees are those who’ve been given comprehensive training. They’re the best of the best, and they frequently have the biggest stake in the future of your company.

In a perfect world, you would certainly have the ability to employ individuals who have already got the particular skills your business demands.  Having said that, occasionally here on Koh Samui,  the need for trained workers does outweigh the local supply.

This must certainly be when training becomes most vital as it not only gives your employees the professional or technical skills they need to do their job, but it also demonstrates that you’re committed to them and serious about taking them forward into the company’s future. This helps keep workers motivated and involved.

But how do you successfully launch an employee training program within your own company?  Below are some helpful tips for small business owners to consider:-
Consider The Cost:

Training is an investment, however for many small business owners cost is usually the main reason why it is often ignored or even considered optional.  However training must be regarded an investment in the future of the company and not as an unnecessary expense. Admittedly effective training is often a costly up front expense, however it is a vital a long-term investment in the continued development and growth associated with your human resources.

Determine Your Requirements:training tips 2 Helpful Training Tips for Koh Samui Small Business Owners

Like many small business owners you may not have limitless funds or even the time to carry out an employee training course, it is advisable therefore to determine ahead of time exactly what you want the focus of your training course to be. Take into account the skills which you needs now and those which your business will need in the future as these will undoubtedly give you the biggest return on your training investment. Ask yourself the question, “How is this training going to benefit my business?” Continue doing this as the needs of your business, and your employees, change.

Learn to Earn:

Some of your employees may believe that your training topics are not applicable to their role within your company and therefore may consider it a waste of time.  It is important therefore to encourage an environment of learning and earning. In today’s competitive economy, if a business doesn’t learn or adapt, it’s going to be left behind. However a business learns, and therefore earns, as its people learn. So explain to your employees that you are going to introduce a valuable training program, which will help further their careers and subsequently help them earn more.  But also tell that them that they too must continue to develop their skills and stay on top of their profession, especially if they, and the company, want to continue earning in the future. Once your employees have committed to learning your continued support must be provided, by supplying them with the relevant resources they will need to succeed.

Quality Counts:

If your training is to be effective then it is vital that you use quality instructors or trainers plus relevant resources and materials. Consider carefully the person you choose to deliver the training course as they will obviously have a impact on success of your efforts.  So whether your chosen trainer is a professional or just an experienced staff member it is important that they are aware of your needs; understand the training topic and have the ability to deliver exactly what your want in a way your employees will understand.  Appropriate training materials and resources are also important as your employees can refer to these valuable resources again once training is complete..

training tips 3 Helpful Training Tips for Koh Samui Small Business OwnersTraining Environment:

A suitable training environment is important if you want your employees to understand the training you are providing. Therefore arrange for training sessions to be held in an area which is quiet and spacious.  If possible equip your training area with a TV, computer and/or projector so your trainer can utilise visual resources and materials to reinforce vital training points.

Constant Reinforcement:

If training is to be effective you must not limit it to only new employees.  Arrange for training courses to be ongoing as this will help keep your employees’ fresh and their skill levels high. Constant reinforcement and questioning with regard to training topics will also motivate your staff to continue learning, growing and improving professionally.

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EFL Selling Skills That Will Help Build Rapport With Your International Customers

etc thai sales marketing english image telesales 1 150x150 EFL Selling Skills That Will Help Build Rapport With Your International Customers Have you  been in sales for quite a while but now need to use English – which is  not your first language?  Do you know how to sell however, with improved English Language skills you will do a lot better?  Then you will hopefully find some of  our tips below very useful – they are some the main phrases currently being used by successful native English speaking sales people!

Make sure you  take some time to have a go with them, but don’t forget to change them to fit what you are currently selling!  Once you feel confident enough, try introducing them into your current sales messages and remember –  it’s how you sell not what, and by following some of the simple steps below  we are sure you will soon be developing some new and existing business opportunities with your international customers and client!

When building rapport with English speaking customers, first impressions count. You will not have a second chance therefore, as a foreign speaker of English, you will need to choose your words carefully and take care with your pronunciation.  Here are some useful selling phrases to use and a few to avoid:-


Anyone who works in sales knows that people buy more if they are in a positive frame of mind. So don’t give negative or irritated clients the opportunity to tell you what a bad day they are having by asking  “How are you?”.  Instead say “Great to see you again!”

Additionally, always try and use “can do” positive words and phrases which show your prospective client just how willing and able you are to help them.  Try phrases such as  “Absolutely no problem” “Certainly sir!” “Definitely, if that helps, we’ll do it.” and “Of courses I can”.

We all know the benefits of helping a prospective customer visualise ownership of what we want them to buy.  Use English selling phrases such as “Can you imagine how  easy your life will be when you can…?” “Consider the money you will be saving in the long term!” and “When you can reduce your costs by buying these, you can charge your customers a more competitive price”.  By using English phrases such as these you are showing prospective clients their problem, then you are offering your solution!


Don’t use negative words or phrases! You are offering to do your prospective customer a favour and you know your product is fantastic, so what have you got to apologise for? So never start a conversation by apologising. It puts you at a disadvantage. So do not use phrases such as  “Sorry to bother you, I won’t take long” “It’s just a quick call, do you have time to speak to me?”.

There are also several words which you should never use because they will make your listener feel small, they are   “Actually,…” “Basically,….” or “Obviously,….”  So do not start sentences with these words, they will have a bad effect  – avoid them at all cost!

etc thai sales marketing english image telesales 2 150x150 EFL Selling Skills That Will Help Build Rapport With Your International Customers Your voice  is also an important sales tool, in fact it’s probably your most powerful resource, so also consider your  pace,  pitch and projection.

Your rate of speech should match that of any prospective customer. As with body language, it always helps to “mirror” the person you are selling to. Native English speakers have a much broader pitch range compared to other languages. Try listening to the “music” of a native speakers voice when they are talking, It probably sounds overstated and alien to you.

Practice saying this sentence  “Great to see you again!” using  the following tones types below:

  1. Use a constant flat tone.
  2. Exaggerate your voice by making it rise sharply on the two stressed words in the sentence,  Great and see ie “Great to see you again!”

How does the sentence sound when you use when you use the first tone – okay or boring?

Unfortunately, to a native English speaker a flat constant tone sounds as if you are bored or uninterested in what they have to say –  which is negative and rude and potential customers will not want to buy from you!

If  you can practice adding stresses in your voice and you succeed in  exaggerating the correct words at the right times you will sound genuine, interested, motivated and polite!  However, do be  aware of the volume of your voice.  If it is too loud you will sound aggressive and “pushy” especially when trying to sell to a native English speaker.

So remember, the voice is the most power tool a sales person has to build rapport with your English speaking customers.  So if improving the English selling skills of your employees is important to your business  – why not contact us?

etc thai sales marketing english image salesteam 1 150x150 EFL Selling Skills That Will Help Build Rapport With Your International Customers ETC… Sales & Marketing English Training Courses are designed to help those people working in Sales & Marketing Industries recognise that it’s ‘how you sell not what you sell’ and successfully develop new and existing sales opportunities with your International customers and clients.