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What difference does ‘Confidence In English’ offer to companies?

‘Confidence’ is a word we have been hearing time and time again.

We have heard how you have ‘confidently’ invested both time and money in various English language programs and whilst many may have successfully taught the basics of English your staff are still lacking the ‘confidence’ to use that language and build on it.

We will teach your employees the target Hospitality, Professional and Sales & Marketing English language, vocabulary and phrases required to enhance your business. We will also teach them the rules of English and constantly reinforce these rules until employees are thinking ‘confidently’ in English. Additionally we will use fun filled pronunciation and vocalization techniques combined with language based games and team building activities to instill the ‘confidence’ they will need to use English effectively and the tools they will require to build on that ‘confidence’.

This is why we are ‘confident’ that an etc…’Confidence in English’ program is the English Training Course you need…