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How Can English Product Knowledge Training Benefit Thailand’s Bar and Restaurant Servers?

Are your bar and restaurant servers the hospitality professionals your international guests expect them to be?

product knowledge 1 150x150 How Can English Product Knowledge Training Benefit Thailand’s Bar and Restaurant Servers?Knowledge is power and, for Thailand’s hotels, restaurants and bars, Hospitality English Language Training combined with English product knowledge training can mean more profits. The problem is most Thai servers don’t have the Hospitality English Language skills or English product knowledge required to make informed recommendations to your international guests.

Having the ability to explain, in English, which ingredients are in a menu item, how the item is prepared and served, and which menu items ‘pair’ well together can allow your bar and restaurant servers to use different techniques and methods to  make  up-selling suggestions to  your international guests.

Suggesting extras such as salad with a steak, a carafe of wine instead of a glass or premium spirit brands instead of regular spirit brands not only builds your check averages but also improves the perception of your restaurant’s service delivery.  Guest feel taken care of when employees suggest items that enhance their dining experience.product knowledge 3 150x150 How Can English Product Knowledge Training Benefit Thailand’s Bar and Restaurant Servers?

It has always been essential for Thailand’s bartenders and servers to be knowledgeable about the products they offer however, they cannot ‘Up-sell’, when they do not have the Hospitality English Language product knowledge they need to suggest your food and drink items to your international guests.

Today, it is important for your bar and restaurant Servers to understand how both food and drink menu items are served as the guest who wants to know how a dish is prepared, or what’s in a certain Thai curry, is just as likely to ask where a single malt Scotch is from, how a cocktail is made, or what the difference is between a Cappuccino and a Café au Lait.

“We don’t have time and our employees don’t need English product knowledge Training”

Other Thai hospitality businesses feel outsourcing English product training is an unnecessary cost as they already have a Human Resource Department or a Food and Beverage Manager who can speak some English. However, just because the Learning and Development Officer and F & B Manager can speak a little bit of English or is an expert at product knowledge it, doesn’t necessarily mean they have the skills to teach employees the effective  English language they need to successful ‘suggest and upsell’ to international guests.  Two different skill sets are required.

product knowledge 2 150x150 How Can English Product Knowledge Training Benefit Thailand’s Bar and Restaurant Servers?Employee attitude to the ‘typical’ boring TEFL English lessons is usually the final reason why Thailand’s hospitality employers avoid investing in English Language training.   However with a bespoke ETC ‘Confidence in English’ Hospitality English Language Training Scheme focused upon Customer Service Excellence and Food and Beverage Employees  you servers will enjoy a multitude of fun and exciting  activities and games designed to accelerate learning.

It may take some time for your Thai employees to become comfortable with recommending your food and drink items, especially in English, however with a ‘Confident in English’ Hospitality English Language Training Scheme from ETC…English Training Courses your Bar & Restaurant Servers will soon become assured and confident that they are providing the correct information to your guests. Then all you have to do is remind them that increasing their product knowledge has a direct payoff in bigger checks, bigger tips and more satisfied customers!

Business Socialising for the Festive Season.

business socialising 01 150x150 Business Socialising for the Festive Season.It’s almost holiday season again and it will soon be time for the parties to begin; there will be the usual round of business/social events including cocktail receptions, luncheons and dinners – so now might be a good time to brush up on your English socialising skills.

In what ways do you try to build a relationship with a new business contact? What situations have you encountered when socialising with people from other cultures?  What differences (and similarities) have you experienced? Socialising with your business contacts isn’t just for fun – it can also make doing business a lot easier.

How many business deals have been closed not in the boardroom, but in a restaurant or bar? Whether you are at a business dinner, an exhibition stand, showing a visitor around your business or hotel, or attending a festive season event – you need to be able to make conversation in an appropriate and confident way.  The ETC…English for Socializing is for those people who want to be able to build and maintain successful business relationships with international clients, guests and colleagues.

With ETC…English for Socializing you will practice .and present all the essential expressions and conversation techniques that will enable you to socialize and make business contacts in English within the following areas:-

Making Contact:business socialising 03 150x150 Business Socialising for the Festive Season.
Welcoming Visitors
Getting Acquainted
Entertaining a Visitor
Eating Out
Networking at a Trade Fair

Each unit of the ETC…English for Socializing is designed so you present and practice various strategies for successful socialising and small talk.  You will also experience a wide variety of engaging exercises, stimulating role-plays and conversation activities which are designed so you can practice your new socialising skills in realistic relationship-building situations.

You will also learn to  understand the potential difficulties that may arise when you are trying to establish good business relationships and learn to exchange pleasantries or simply chat with ease. You will also learn useful phrases and vocabulary that will enable you to make small talk on a variety of topics such as the weather and sport.

business socialising 02 150x140 Business Socialising for the Festive Season.ETC…English for Socialising is part of our ‘Confidence in English’ programs.  It is an ideal course for anyone who needs English to socialise in a professional situation.  With our ETC…English for Socialising, uncomfortable silences during a business dinner will be a thing of the past – you will be prepared for anything! So contact us today and make the most of your social events this holiday season!

Suggestive Selling Can Increase Your Revenues & Your Bottom-line — Significantly!

Training Restaurant 01 Suggestive Selling Can Increase Your Revenues & Your Bottom line — Significantly!ETC…English Training Courses are currently offering a 10 hour ‘Suggestive Selling English For Restaurant Servers’ course and we are offering this high season intensive English program for only 6500.00 Baht!

We’ve all had a hard year, and we’re all feeling it in our bottom-lines but thankfully, high season is  here! Now we have one final opportunity to salvage what we can from 2010 – but are your restaurant staff ready to make the most of each prospective sale?  Do they have the English suggestive selling skills they will need to substantially increase your revenue and increase your bottom-line?

A great number of studies have proven that the most motivated, effective and productive employees are those who’ve been given comprehensive training. They’re the best of the best.  They frequently have the biggest stake in the future of your business and repeat customers are a key part of that business.

But, without good service, few customers will return to a restaurant.   It is vital therefore that, during the upcoming high season, your restaurant servers do more than just wait on your customers.  He or she must also be a salesperson. They must do more than take orders and deliver food.  Your restaurant servers must also be selling a product – your restaurant and your menu, and suggestive selling is the most powerful tool your Wait Staff can use to do that.

Training Restaurant 02 Suggestive Selling Can Increase Your Revenues & Your Bottom line — Significantly!However, suggestive selling is not insisting that guests’ have one of everything on the menu; it is simply guiding their dining experience and making them feel comfortable and welcome. When a server suggests and asks questions about what guests like, the guests feels as if their best dining experience is in the interest of the server.  As a result, loyalty is quickly built and satisfied customers will return.

Our pre-high season 10 hour ‘Suggestive Selling English for Restaurant Servers’ program has therefore been designed so that your servers present and practice effective English suggestive selling language and learn vital English communication skills which will help them successfully meet your international guest’s expectations, build loyalty and most importantly – increase your revenue and improve your bottom-line!

So, contact us today  and help your wait staff recognise that when using English and suggestive selling –  ‘it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it’ which makes all the difference!

New Tax Incentives For Thailand’s Tourism Industry

Winai Wittawatkaravet 248x300 New Tax Incentives For Thailands Tourism Industry
Winai-Wittawatkaravet, Director General of the Thailand Revenue Department

The Director General of the Thailand Revenue Department,Winai Wittawatkaravet, is announced the introduction of new Tax incentives, to help revive the struggling tourism sector in Thailand.  The new incentives are designed to boost domestic tourism and offer assistance to small and large businesses throughout the kingdom.

According to the article in the Bangkok Post, authorities have announced a five-part package of tax incentives to help the industry, starting with a 15,000-baht personal taxable income deduction on domestic tourism-related spending for Thai residents. The Council of State, the government’s legal arm, is currently reviewing the plan, which will be applied retroactively to cover spending from March through Dec 31. Residents seeking to claim deductions must keep relevant receipts to be filed with their 2010 tax returns.

A resident will be allowed to claim 100% of the cost of a domestic tour package up to a maximum of 15,000 baht. Hotel and resort expenses may also be claimed in full under the incentive, for properties registered with the Interior Ministry.

The Revenue Department would permit deductions only for lodging expenses for individual trips, said Mr Winai.

Hotel rack rates inclusive of breakfast would probably be allowed, he said. But other services, such as meals or spas, may not be deducted under the programme.

A second incentive allows tourism operators to claim up to two times the actual expenses incurred for domestic or international trade shows in their corporate tax filings in the 2010 and 2011 accounting years. The measure will apply only to events supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Additional deductions will be given to companies for training-related seminars held this year and next. Under the current law, up to two times cost of training events is deductable, a level that will be increased under the programme to support the hotel and Mice (meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions) sectors.

The department also will allow car operators to increase depreciation claims for their vehicle fleets. Existing rules allow depreciation charges of up to one million baht over five years for vehicles seating up to 10 passengers. Under the new rule, depreciation may be claimed up to the full value of the vehicle over five years.

For rental cars, depreciation rules will permit charges up to the full value of the vehicle, compared with the previous rule limiting charges to up to 36,000 baht a month.

Depreciation rules will also be changed for hotels renovating their properties. Previously, the cost of renovations may be booked under depreciation charges of up to 20% of the value over five years.

The new rule will permit faster depreciation, with up to 60% of the value of the improvements taken in the first year and the remainder averaged over four years. The measure will apply only for the 2010 and 2011 accounting years.

Mr Winai said the five tax measures included measures that may be issued as ministerial announcements or as executive decrees.

The legal process is expected to be completed relatively soon, he said, adding that it was difficult to estimate the final cost to the government for the programme, he said.

For the 15,000-baht personal tax deduction alone, the department estimates lost tax revenues could amount to as much as 3 billion baht.

Boost Loyalty Programs With Location Based Offers

selfcheckin Boost Loyalty Programs With Location Based OffersVentureBeat, an internet site that ‘provides news about innovation for forward-thinking executives’ has reported upon a leading brand new virtual intermediary that claims to function as the bridge between flourishing location dependent services and loyalty programs by supplementing instead of competing with the latter.

Appropriately known as, Topguest, the New York City based start-up is designed to connect loyalty programs, used by hotels and airlines, with numerous (virtual) check-in services like Foursquare, Gowalla and Loopt.

VentureBeat reports that Topguest “is going for a niche market and making a bet the travel industry will venture into the location space using its product.”

The initial hotel chain to implement the system is (as of this moment) the Standard Hotels, which is currently based in four cities, and promises users of Topguest a free week at one of its hotels subject to availability and restrictions.

The “free” week occurs if a “Topguest” customer checks in using any of the supported geolocation applications and stays in all four Standard hotels within one week. If however the thought of such restricted travel does not meet the needs of the guest addititionally there is the possibility of issuing 25% off the guests next reservation after 10 check-ins at any Standard hotel, bar or restaurant.

Additional location based benefits include spa treatments, boutique discounts, and cocktails. Topguest in addition has registered three other premier loyalty programs which are to be announced later in the year.

Topguest could possibly be on the brink of the next big thing for directing loyalty marketing, for both hotels and airlines, as guests “checking-in” virtually will be offered extremely targeted promotions from hotels to guide them in the “right” direction and, most significantly, help the travel and hotel industries become location-smart and enhance the method by which they communicate with their customers and guests.

And with social networking sites such as Facebook forecasting the fact that the whole advertising industry will eventually center, around social media, the necessity to communicate effectively, immediately and constantly is extremely important for the survival both in the long and short term.

So contact us today and discover how an investment in an ETC…English Training Program can give your business a strong competitive edge and help develop your guest loyalty through customer care and guest satisfaction