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Can Your Front of House Staff Explain Your Product to English Speaking Guests?

bigbuddajpg Can Your Front of House Staff Explain Your Product to English Speaking Guests?The main focus of many hospitality training programs must be the encouragement of Front of House staff to be more pro-active when it comes to anticipating the needs of guests and freely offering additional, relevant information.

However to be able to deliver pro-active hospitality services, Front of House employees must first have a very strong working understanding of their “product.”

This obviously means they must first be capable of answering the question: “What is our product?” Unfortunately a lot of employees nowadays believe that they are working in the “room rental” business. While it’s true that guests are in fact paying for “time” spent in your “space,” what they are actually purchasing is  their very own personal travel experience; an experience affected by the destination, location, local points of interest, attractions, and needless to say the hotel features and amenities outside of their room.

When Front of House staff understand their product , they can supply guests with the information and “local insider’s tips” which are important to any out of town visitor.  Unfortunately the majority of hotels and resorts today appear to put little, if any, energy into training their employees to understand the product. Maybe they believe that “the locals” ought to have this information already.

Elephant trekking Can Your Front of House Staff Explain Your Product to English Speaking Guests?Yet past experiences shows us that simply because an employee is a local resident it doesn’t necessarily mean they are automatically an expert.  Therefore, Managers and Human Resource Departments must work closely with their Front of House team by:

  • Outlining forthcoming community events and activities at pre-shift meetings.
  • Place a local and hotel events calendar in an area which is easily accessible by all staff.
  • Have Front of House Staff attend local area attractions and entertainment complexes.
  • Ask members of the local business community, who also provide services to your guests, to come and provide details to your employees.
  • Hotels with restaurants should hold in-house food tastings. It can also be beneficial to ask Chefs from other local, popular restaurants to come in and do the same.
  • Develop a product knowledge trivia questionnaire that will test your employees working understanding of your product.
  • Any time your guests have a new question or request, record the question plus the answers or solutions in a front desk log-book or give daily reports so that other staff can keep updated.
  • Large hotels and resorts, may find it more beneficial to ask representatives of each department, for example F&B, activities director, sales directors, to speak with front of house staff at departmental meetings so that any new or upcoming programs, services and events can be explained.

kohsamui tourism Can Your Front of House Staff Explain Your Product to English Speaking Guests?By simply delivering training session in the topic area associated with understanding your product, you will be supplying your Front of House team with the vital tools they need to enable them to not just answer guest questions, but likewise be able to pro-actively offer extra, useful information that will help to make your guest’s stay that much more fulfilling.

All of ETC’s  ‘Confidence in English’ Hospitality training programs include  sessions which focus  upon Koh Samui’s popular attractions  so contact us today and discover how an investment in an ETC…English Training Program can give your business a strong competitive edge and help develop your guest loyalty through customer care and guest satisfaction

An Extra 30 Minutes Sleep Will Improve Your Child’s Motivation to Learn

learning1 An Extra 30 Minutes Sleep Will Improve Your Childs Motivation to LearnEnsuring your child has an extra 30 minutes in bed can effectively improve their motivation to learn, concentration levels, mood and health and also their performance at school, according to a new US study.

The US study also found that a lie-in led to a reduction in children’s fatigue and stress levels. Researchers from the Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island, tracked 200 students aged 14 to 18 as their school starting time was delayed by 30 minutes – from 8am to 8.30am.

They were also asked to complete an on-line “sleep habits” survey before and after the change. According to the study, published in the journal Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, the delayed start time resulted in “significantly more satisfaction with sleep and experienced improved motivation”.

It added: “Daytime sleepiness, fatigue and depressed mood were all reduced. Most health-related variables, including health centre visits for fatigue-related complaints, and class attendance also improved”.

learning2 An Extra 30 Minutes Sleep Will Improve Your Childs Motivation to LearnThe later start was also associated with a significant increase in the amount of extra sleep children got. On average, children stayed in bed for an additional 45 minutes, even though classes were only delayed by 30 minutes.

According to the study, the proportion of teenagers getting less than seven hours of sleep fell by almost 80 per cent, while those reporting at least eight hours of sleep soared more than three-fold.

It also led to a reduction in the amount of over-sleeping at the weekend.

If your child’s English reading, writing, speaking and Math skills are important to you but your busy schedule only allows for quality family time – why not contact us? We have fun, friendly and experienced private English Teachers who can happily help your child learn the vital skills they need in the safety and security of your own home

English – A Truly International Language For a Modern Era

English language is a broadly spoken language around the world. It is the principal language of numerous countries particularly Australia, Britain,Canada, USA to name but a few. English is also the official language of India too. Having over 2 billion speakers, English is regarded as one of the most commonly spoken languages on the planet and it’s the native language of over 350 million people! Such is it’s popularity the figure is constantly growing. It truly isthe language of globalization. It’s the language of international business and politics. It is the principal language used by almost all computer systems as well as the being the primary language of the Internet.

English became more widely used following World War II as America acquired it’s super power status and its dominance expanded across the world. With movies, songs and books becoming more popular in English, it has grown into a house hold language globally.

Learning English language can be straightforward but selecting the best English Training Company for your business can be challenging job. You have to make certain you employ the services of the best in the business. An English Training Company who has an appropriate immersion method towards English is essential. The trainer who delivers the English language program should use a wide variety of colourful and innovative visuals as this makes learning easier. It is also best if training sessions are presented by real native English speakers. No one can speak a English or express it better than a native! Merely looking at visuals will not benefit learners, listening to an actual English trainer is every bit as important..

Teaching English to Foreign Language learners however is not a straightforward task. Subsequently, ETC English Training Courses has a very unique approach to providing training in English language, adhering to many specifications to achieve it’s linguistic targets. Our customized approach is appropriate for a wide variety of learners as we use an effective curriculum and syllabus which is maintained so as to teach English in an productive and professional manner. To help make our English language training even more effective we use a multitude of mental exercises and activities in the training room and we implement various proven training methods derived from extensive research and experience.

English may be the dominant global language in communications, science, aviation, entertainment, radio and diplomacy, it may also be the lingua franca of the modern era however English has also become an essential operating tool for many companies within Thailand’s Business and Tourism Industries. Subsequently the ability of your employees to speak and understand English is vital but you can rest assured that ETC…English Training Courses is a modern English Training Company which is truly up for the challenge!

English Language Training Programs for Asias Hospitality Industry

The Hotel & Tourism industry in Asia is growing rapidly and with that growth comes demand for employees with the right skills and English language is an essential and daily requirement.

With our dedicated team of trainers and tailored course system, Etc are uniquely positioned to provide a new type of English Training for the Hospitality Industry.

We focus on teaching the same English that your guests speak, allowing your staff to communicate confidently, without the trappings of grammar rules or boring textbooks.
Your staff will become more fluent, learning new language skills whilst enjoying their training through fun filled activities and team based motivation!