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Boost your social network profile with English Language Training!

ETC’s Hospitality English Language Training Schemes can help you connect with customers.

facebook 150x150 Boost your social network profile with English Language Training!With social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter you now have the potential to connect with millions of people who may be interested in your business and services.  Social networks have quickly become the new marketplace where you can engage with your existing customers directly and where you can attract new potential prospects easily.

Since the explosion of networking sites both your existing customers and your potential new customers are using sites such Facebook, Google+ and Twitter more and more in their day to day lives.  In fact, do  you know that:-

  • 78 per cent of consumers trust peer recommendations, only 14 per cent trust advertisements (Nielsen).
  • In 60 seconds, 695,000 status updates, 79,364 wall posts and 510,040 comments are published on social networking site Facebook (go-gulf.com 2011)
  • 177 million tweets are sent per day in the world (Buysellads 2011)
  • If Facebook were a country, it would be the world’s third largest and twice the size of the U.S. population (Facebook and world population data)
  • While the TV took 13 years to reach an audience of 500 million users, Facebook reached 100 million in 9 months (Socialnomics 2010).google plus logo12 150x150 Boost your social network profile with English Language Training!

Unfortunately however, as consumers become more confident in the usage of interactive media, Hotel Groups and Hospitality Management Companies are finding it more difficult to connect with consumers and must work harder to attract, engage and interact with them if they wish to encourage their customers to make bookings via sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.  Especially as:-

  • Social media now influences the brand perceptions and purchase decisions of 38 million people in the US (Businesswire 2011)
  • Companies like Dell make $6.5 million from Twitter sales (Guardian.co.uk)
  • Businesses such as MTV, Starbucks, Coca Cola, Oreo and Converse are engaging with more than 20 million users every day (Socialnakers 2011).
  • Top social game apps earn the reach of TVs top-rated shows. The engagement of an addictive game has the popular culture impact of Rock and Hollywood stature (#Socialgaming Astech SF 2011)
  • In the near future, we will no longer search for products and services. They will find us via social media (Socialnomics 2010)

twitter icon 150x150 Boost your social network profile with English Language Training!According to the statistic from the Internet World Stats, it is reported that the Internet users is growing at an explosive rate, with 480% growth during 2000 – 2011. Currently, there are a total of 2.095 billion internet users globally, of which 44% are in Asia accumulated to 922 million. It also shows that internet users in Thailand has totaled 18.3 million and projected to grow to 66.7 million users by this 2011.

Even Mr. Akapol Sorasuchart, the President of the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), said recently “Social Media has been considered as the most effective tool and played a significant role in all business aspects. It is also accounted to the business-to-business platform. Many of business corporations have already jumped on the social media bandwagon in order to engage in two-way conversations with their customers and drives business success.”

How can ETC’s Hospitality English Language Training Schemes help you connect with your customers – daily?

DSCF02971 Boost your social network profile with English Language Training!Unfortunately, a full-time Hospitality English Language Training scheme still remains just another burden for many Hotel Groups & Hospitality Management Companies within Thailand.   These companies still believe “They don’t have the time”.  However this also means these same businesses are still unaware of the power a full-time Hospitality English Language Scheme has to ‘continually connect’ them with guests during their stay and long after they have left the property.DSCF0473 Boost your social network profile with English Language Training!

On a property level, hotels can ‘personally connect’ with guests by scheduling “On-the-Job” English Training sessions in areas of the property where guests can easily observe, and be encouraged to actively participate in, employee training sessions.  Once guests have left the property they can continue to monitor employee progression through the hotel website, Facebook Page and Google+ Circles as you update your social network profiles with images of “On-the-Job” English Training sessions; post comments on topics being taught and involve your customers in interactive English grammar games and quizzes.

DSCF0552 Boost your social network profile with English Language Training!By investing in employee educational development with a full-time ETC Hospitality English Language Training Scheme, hotels will not only be taking ‘social responsibility’ for the personal and professional development of their employees they can ‘connect’ daily with their customers.  So CONTACT US TODAY or check out our FACEBOOK PAGE to see how our unique ETC HELTS can help your business engage with your existing customers and  attract new ones!

Make English Training an Investment, not an Expense

professional training 013 150x150 Make English Training an Investment, not an ExpenseMany business owners on Koh Samui agree that English training for staff is essential. After all, how can someone learn to drive when they haven’t been taught? However many business owners here on the island have become frustrated with English training, feeling that they’re “simply throwing money away”. But English training should be thought of as an investment, not a cost because, if done properly, with well-planned training sessions which are co-ordinated with a company’s objectives together with customer satisfaction as the primary goal, money spent on focused English training provides a beneficial return on investment.

It is also good to remember too that inadequate English training can result in higher turnover, a negative working environment and most important, unhappy guests. A business loses 68% of their customers as a result of an employee having an indifferent attitude. This indifference is typically the result of an ill-equipped, dissatisfied employee who does not have the motivation and English skills they need to do their job effectively. But merely sending employees off to be trained isn’t enough. Making certain employees hold on to the English skills they’re taught requires briefing, debriefing, monitoring and constant reinforcement by the owner.professional training 21 150x96 Make English Training an Investment, not an Expense

Those employees who are scheduled for English training courses need to be briefed prior to English training so they can appreciate why the English training is important and what will be expected of them afterward. Identifying the English training focus differs from job to job, from front of house to back of house, and from business to business. In reality, what might appear essential for an employee to learn from the owner’s point of view could be completely different from that of the customer’s perspective.

Because of this, it’s vital that business owners ascertain their customers’ requirements and evaluate if they’re being fulfilled as this information needs to be taken into account when preparing English training sessions and must obviously be passed on to trainees. Carrying out a variety of customer-service surveys can help discover these requirements, how effectively they’re being achieved, plus the areas in which employees are falling down and how they may be improved.

After English training sessions, employees need to be debriefed to make certain they learned the language they were meant to. Debriefing likewise helps reinforce the reasons why new language skills and training points are necessary. Most businesses will pay out thousands of baht on English language programs, but merely a small fraction of that amount – if any whatsoever – on monitoring and reinforcement. It’ takes 6 months to change an old behaviour pattern with a new one, but it is important to remember that in order for this to happen English training topics must be constantly monitored and reinforced.

professional training 031 150x99 Make English Training an Investment, not an ExpenseCustomers also provide reinforcement for employees, especially if employees recognise that customer satisfaction is higher than before the English training. If so employees are apt to make the continued effort to maintain those higher levels of customer satisfaction. Often the smile on a customer’s face is sufficient, but sometimes it’s going to necessary to perform customer-service surveys either verbally or via comment cards. This customer feedback needs to be passed on to employees too so can understand that the learned language and skills are making a difference.

Correctly trained employees are definitely an asset to any business. Which is why, well-structured, professionally delivered English training such as the ETC…Confidence in English programs plus proper monitoring and reinforcement saves time, costs and customers!

So contact us today and see how our strategically designed English Training Courses will focus upon on the specific requirements your business needs to build and develop successful international guest, client and customer relationships.

Helpful Training Tips for Koh Samui Small Business Owners

training tips 1 Helpful Training Tips for Koh Samui Small Business OwnersWell-trained staff members are vital if your small business is going to survive this current global economy.  A great number of studies have proven that the most motivated, effective and productive employees are those who’ve been given comprehensive training. They’re the best of the best, and they frequently have the biggest stake in the future of your company.

In a perfect world, you would certainly have the ability to employ individuals who have already got the particular skills your business demands.  Having said that, occasionally here on Koh Samui,  the need for trained workers does outweigh the local supply.

This must certainly be when training becomes most vital as it not only gives your employees the professional or technical skills they need to do their job, but it also demonstrates that you’re committed to them and serious about taking them forward into the company’s future. This helps keep workers motivated and involved.

But how do you successfully launch an employee training program within your own company?  Below are some helpful tips for small business owners to consider:-
Consider The Cost:

Training is an investment, however for many small business owners cost is usually the main reason why it is often ignored or even considered optional.  However training must be regarded an investment in the future of the company and not as an unnecessary expense. Admittedly effective training is often a costly up front expense, however it is a vital a long-term investment in the continued development and growth associated with your human resources.

Determine Your Requirements:training tips 2 Helpful Training Tips for Koh Samui Small Business Owners

Like many small business owners you may not have limitless funds or even the time to carry out an employee training course, it is advisable therefore to determine ahead of time exactly what you want the focus of your training course to be. Take into account the skills which you needs now and those which your business will need in the future as these will undoubtedly give you the biggest return on your training investment. Ask yourself the question, “How is this training going to benefit my business?” Continue doing this as the needs of your business, and your employees, change.

Learn to Earn:

Some of your employees may believe that your training topics are not applicable to their role within your company and therefore may consider it a waste of time.  It is important therefore to encourage an environment of learning and earning. In today’s competitive economy, if a business doesn’t learn or adapt, it’s going to be left behind. However a business learns, and therefore earns, as its people learn. So explain to your employees that you are going to introduce a valuable training program, which will help further their careers and subsequently help them earn more.  But also tell that them that they too must continue to develop their skills and stay on top of their profession, especially if they, and the company, want to continue earning in the future. Once your employees have committed to learning your continued support must be provided, by supplying them with the relevant resources they will need to succeed.

Quality Counts:

If your training is to be effective then it is vital that you use quality instructors or trainers plus relevant resources and materials. Consider carefully the person you choose to deliver the training course as they will obviously have a impact on success of your efforts.  So whether your chosen trainer is a professional or just an experienced staff member it is important that they are aware of your needs; understand the training topic and have the ability to deliver exactly what your want in a way your employees will understand.  Appropriate training materials and resources are also important as your employees can refer to these valuable resources again once training is complete..

training tips 3 Helpful Training Tips for Koh Samui Small Business OwnersTraining Environment:

A suitable training environment is important if you want your employees to understand the training you are providing. Therefore arrange for training sessions to be held in an area which is quiet and spacious.  If possible equip your training area with a TV, computer and/or projector so your trainer can utilise visual resources and materials to reinforce vital training points.

Constant Reinforcement:

If training is to be effective you must not limit it to only new employees.  Arrange for training courses to be ongoing as this will help keep your employees’ fresh and their skill levels high. Constant reinforcement and questioning with regard to training topics will also motivate your staff to continue learning, growing and improving professionally.

ETC…English Training Courses  is committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations with innovative and effective Hospitality, Professional and Sales & Marketing English Language Training solutions.  So CONTACT US TODAY and see how our strategically designed English Training Courses will focus upon on the specific requirements your business needs to build and develop successful international guest, client and customer relationships.

Focus On Your Children’s English Spelling To Improve English Literacy & Linguistics Skills

New research claims that increases in illiteracy amongst teenagers are due to the intricacies of the English Spelling system.

According to a report in the English newspaper, the  Daily Telegraph, a high number of “inconsistencies” in the way basic English words are spelt and pronounced is making harder for children to read and write English at a young age.

Masha Bell, author and literacy researcher, told a conference of English teachers on Friday 9th July, that sweeping reforms are needed to the spelling system to improve children’s English linguistic skills.

She said that English employs 185 “unreliable” spellings for just 44 speech sounds. Words such as too, true, who, flew, shoe and you all employ different letters to represent the same sound.

According to academics, children in Britain normally take three years to read to a decent standard.

But in Finland – where words are more likely to be pronounced as they look – children can read fluently within three months.

Her comments were made to the annual conference of the National Association for Teachers of English in Leicestershire.

Speaking before the conference, Mrs Bell, author of the books Learning to Read and Rules and Exceptions of English Spelling, said English was unique in the way in which “identical letters make different sounds”.

“It is difficult to learn any subject, or even to train for a trade nowadays, without learning to read and write first, but roughly 20 per cent of all speakers of English leave school with very poor literacy skills,” she said.

“The antique, inconsistent spelling system of English is probably the main reason why the UK has a far longer tail of educational underachievement than any other European country, why more of our young people are Neets (Not in Education Employment or Training), why many end up in jail, and why improving their chances of re-offending while in prison is much more difficult too.”

Mrs Bell’s views have been criticised in the past for advocating “dumbing down” of a spelling system that has naturally evolved over centuries.

She has previously claimed that children face 800 words by the age of 11 that hinder their reading ability because of the way they are spelt.

Words such as orange, foreign, rhinoceros, handkerchief, soldiers and stomach all contain letter combination’s that are more commonly pronounced in a different way, she claimed.

If your child’s English reading, writing and speaking skills are important to you but your busy schedule only allows for quality family time – why not contact us? We have fun, friendly and experienced private English Teachers who can happily help your child learn the vital skills they need in the safety and security of your own home.

An Extra 30 Minutes Sleep Will Improve Your Child’s Motivation to Learn

learning1 An Extra 30 Minutes Sleep Will Improve Your Childs Motivation to LearnEnsuring your child has an extra 30 minutes in bed can effectively improve their motivation to learn, concentration levels, mood and health and also their performance at school, according to a new US study.

The US study also found that a lie-in led to a reduction in children’s fatigue and stress levels. Researchers from the Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island, tracked 200 students aged 14 to 18 as their school starting time was delayed by 30 minutes – from 8am to 8.30am.

They were also asked to complete an on-line “sleep habits” survey before and after the change. According to the study, published in the journal Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, the delayed start time resulted in “significantly more satisfaction with sleep and experienced improved motivation”.

It added: “Daytime sleepiness, fatigue and depressed mood were all reduced. Most health-related variables, including health centre visits for fatigue-related complaints, and class attendance also improved”.

learning2 An Extra 30 Minutes Sleep Will Improve Your Childs Motivation to LearnThe later start was also associated with a significant increase in the amount of extra sleep children got. On average, children stayed in bed for an additional 45 minutes, even though classes were only delayed by 30 minutes.

According to the study, the proportion of teenagers getting less than seven hours of sleep fell by almost 80 per cent, while those reporting at least eight hours of sleep soared more than three-fold.

It also led to a reduction in the amount of over-sleeping at the weekend.

If your child’s English reading, writing, speaking and Math skills are important to you but your busy schedule only allows for quality family time – why not contact us? We have fun, friendly and experienced private English Teachers who can happily help your child learn the vital skills they need in the safety and security of your own home

Labour Union Formed by Native English Teachers in Korea

english teachers union 266x300 Labour Union Formed by Native English Teachers in Korea A Teachers Labour Union comprising of native English teachers working for a language institute or “hagwon” has been formed in Incheon,

Acording to the The Korea Times news paper, a legal expert, Jung Bong-soo, is representing the new Teachers Labour Union which is is the second teachers’ union, to ever be formed in the Country. The first one was established in 2005 in Gangam, southern Seoul, according to the Ministry of Labor.

Jung said the union comprised of native English teachers working for a language institute or “hagwon” has been established in Incheon, a legal expert on labor representing them said Tuesday.

The union, headed by Evan Lloyd from the United States, has nine members, he said. Native English teachers belonging to the institute are eligible to join, he added. The union head was unable to be immediately reached for comment.

A pattern of “unlawful” behavior by the employer – unpaid overtime and threats of dismissal – drove them to unionize, Jung said.

The five founding members decided to set up the union after the employer forced them to work 40 hours per week rather than 30 hours stipulated in their contract.

“Under the contract, the employer is supposed to pay an overtime rate of 15,000 won per hour. But the employer paid nothing,” Jung told The Korea Times in a phone interview. “In response to complaints about the unpaid overtime, the employer even verbally threatened to fire one of the five, who was a woman.”

They visited Jung’s office, KangNam Labor Law Firm, in southern Seoul in early September for consultations, leading to an investigation by a state labor inspector.

“The inspector acknowledged the teachers were forced to work additional hours without proper compensation and ordered the employer to pay,” he said.

That ruling, however, was not good enough for them because their relations with the employer turned sour with one of the five being laid off. The dismissed teacher plans to file a petition with the Ministry of Labor for her reinstatement.

“The other teachers involved in the dispute also fear similar retaliatory action,” Jung noted.

The expert refused to identify the language institute in question to protect the unionized teachers from further retaliation.

Yoo Mi-young, the labor inspector in charge of the case, said: “The number of petitions of this kind brought up by native English teachers here is on the increase.”

Ahn Kyu-seok, a spokesman for the Korea Immigration Service, said: “Their activities aimed at protecting and boosting their right as legitimate employees will be guaranteed by law, but any activities with political purposes will be prohibited as stipulated in the Immigration Law.”

A total of 22,905 foreign nationals are here on E-2 English teaching visas as of Oct. 31 this year, according to the Ministry of Justice. Of them, 134 overstayed their visa, the ministry said.

Australian Government Considering TOEFL English Testing for Immigrants

Australia toefl article image 1 Australian Government Considering TOEFL English Testing for ImmigrantsThe Australian government’s dependence upon the IELTS test (International English Languate Testing System) to determine the English language level skills of would-be immigrants may soon becoming to an end as a recent reports say alternative exams, such as TOEFL (The Test of English as a Foreign Language) are now also being considered.

According to The Daily Gaurdian, an Australian newspaper has quoted an Immigration & Citizenship Department spokesman as saying that the minister in charge, Chris Evans, had written to ETS, the US company that produces Toefl, and other test providers to tell them of “his in-principal support for the acceptance of more than one English language test under the migration regulations”.

“We’re very hopeful. There’s really no objective reason why Toefl could not be confidently used in the Australian [immigration] context,” Eileen Tyson, an ETS representative in Australia, told the newspaper.

In 2008 immigration officials launched a review of the Ielts monopoly by inviting other test providers to make their case for recognition.

Last month Evans also revealed a new, scaled-down list of occupations that will be accepted under the skilled migration programme, a major route to settlement for foreign nationals. The number of eligible jobs has been reduced as part of a move by the government to match workers to higher-skilled and in-demand Australia May Accept TOEFL Qualifications Australian Government Considering TOEFL English Testing for Immigrantsemployment.

The new Skilled Occupation List has been compiled by Skills Australia, an independent body established by the government to assess workforce needs. “This list is designed to target occupations of longer-term economic value and will deliver highly skilled migrants while breaking the nexus between permanent residency and low-value education courses,” Evans said.

This is  great news for all Thai learners of English as a Foreign language, especially if you are considering working in Australia, or if you have an employee who would be a vital asset to your Australian business.  So why not contact us today and see how ETC… English Training Courses can help you prepare for your TOEFL test.

English – A Truly International Language For a Modern Era

English language is a broadly spoken language around the world. It is the principal language of numerous countries particularly Australia, Britain,Canada, USA to name but a few. English is also the official language of India too. Having over 2 billion speakers, English is regarded as one of the most commonly spoken languages on the planet and it’s the native language of over 350 million people! Such is it’s popularity the figure is constantly growing. It truly isthe language of globalization. It’s the language of international business and politics. It is the principal language used by almost all computer systems as well as the being the primary language of the Internet.

English became more widely used following World War II as America acquired it’s super power status and its dominance expanded across the world. With movies, songs and books becoming more popular in English, it has grown into a house hold language globally.

Learning English language can be straightforward but selecting the best English Training Company for your business can be challenging job. You have to make certain you employ the services of the best in the business. An English Training Company who has an appropriate immersion method towards English is essential. The trainer who delivers the English language program should use a wide variety of colourful and innovative visuals as this makes learning easier. It is also best if training sessions are presented by real native English speakers. No one can speak a English or express it better than a native! Merely looking at visuals will not benefit learners, listening to an actual English trainer is every bit as important..

Teaching English to Foreign Language learners however is not a straightforward task. Subsequently, ETC English Training Courses has a very unique approach to providing training in English language, adhering to many specifications to achieve it’s linguistic targets. Our customized approach is appropriate for a wide variety of learners as we use an effective curriculum and syllabus which is maintained so as to teach English in an productive and professional manner. To help make our English language training even more effective we use a multitude of mental exercises and activities in the training room and we implement various proven training methods derived from extensive research and experience.

English may be the dominant global language in communications, science, aviation, entertainment, radio and diplomacy, it may also be the lingua franca of the modern era however English has also become an essential operating tool for many companies within Thailand’s Business and Tourism Industries. Subsequently the ability of your employees to speak and understand English is vital but you can rest assured that ETC…English Training Courses is a modern English Training Company which is truly up for the challenge!

Is Your Business English Language Ready?

The importance of utilizing English as the language for communication in business is developing globally and the presence of employees with excellent English capabilities is almost mandatory for any business. We only say mandatory because the absence of proper English skills exposes a lack luster image of your business.

Personally we have observed and spoken with companies seeking to enhance the English language skills of their staff and hoping they had an instant solution to this particular issue. Probably the most frequent difficulties experienced is actually needing to send employees off to English training sessions during working hours. Very few employees wish to complete a full shift at work and then attend sessions for learning English. They prefer instead to spend quality time with their families and friends. Nevertheless companies need to take full advantage of their daily outputs after which somehow still find time time for training their employees in English.

This particular dance of your time my time persists, and the outcome is often a company projecting itself as a barely-can-do English communication enterprise. Consider for a minute what you as a customer would do in the event that you prefer to communicate in English and you receive quotations from businesses with a mixture of good English as well as weak English? Typically we would certainly suppose the organisations communicating with weak English gets, eliminated first.

Exactly what does this mean to you as a business? Fewer customers?

Why don’t you instead improve the English communication skills of your employees and attain far more business?

A straightforward and very convenient solution is one of our ETC…Confidence in English training courses as they are dedicated to providing English skills in areas where your business currently lacks them

By deciding to choose an ETC…Confidence in English training course for your team, you will be optimizing the amount of time allocated to learning English.

Beginning with real business communications as well as daily use within a business environment, the ETC…Confidence in English training solutions concentrate on providing a good understanding of English used every day in business.

ETC…Confidence in English training also offers an you the edge scheduling Training sessions on your premises. so your employees can learn English, at a convenient time and in a familiar atmosphere.

All things considered, if your employees are able to communicate with a good level of English, it’s your business that will profit from it. So whenever there exists an enormous emphasis on providing English training for employees why not choose to an ETC…Confidence in English program and upgrade the English skills of your employees?

Because, in the long run your business should only stand to gain once you make your business English Language ready.