Suggestive Selling Can Increase Your Revenues & Your Bottom-line — Significantly!

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Training Restaurant 01 Suggestive Selling Can Increase Your Revenues & Your Bottom line — Significantly!ETC…English Training Courses are currently offering a 10 hour ‘Suggestive Selling English For Restaurant Servers’ course and we are offering this high season intensive English program for only 6500.00 Baht!

We’ve all had a hard year, and we’re all feeling it in our bottom-lines but thankfully, high season is  here! Now we have one final opportunity to salvage what we can from 2010 – but are your restaurant staff ready to make the most of each prospective sale?  Do they have the English suggestive selling skills they will need to substantially increase your revenue and increase your bottom-line?

A great number of studies have proven that the most motivated, effective and productive employees are those who’ve been given comprehensive training. They’re the best of the best.  They frequently have the biggest stake in the future of your business and repeat customers are a key part of that business.

But, without good service, few customers will return to a restaurant.   It is vital therefore that, during the upcoming high season, your restaurant servers do more than just wait on your customers.  He or she must also be a salesperson. They must do more than take orders and deliver food.  Your restaurant servers must also be selling a product – your restaurant and your menu, and suggestive selling is the most powerful tool your Wait Staff can use to do that.

Training Restaurant 02 Suggestive Selling Can Increase Your Revenues & Your Bottom line — Significantly!However, suggestive selling is not insisting that guests’ have one of everything on the menu; it is simply guiding their dining experience and making them feel comfortable and welcome. When a server suggests and asks questions about what guests like, the guests feels as if their best dining experience is in the interest of the server.  As a result, loyalty is quickly built and satisfied customers will return.

Our pre-high season 10 hour ‘Suggestive Selling English for Restaurant Servers’ program has therefore been designed so that your servers present and practice effective English suggestive selling language and learn vital English communication skills which will help them successfully meet your international guest’s expectations, build loyalty and most importantly – increase your revenue and improve your bottom-line!

So, contact us today  and help your wait staff recognise that when using English and suggestive selling –  ‘it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it’ which makes all the difference!

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