Australian Government Considering TOEFL English Testing for Immigrants

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Australia toefl article image 1 Australian Government Considering TOEFL English Testing for ImmigrantsThe Australian government’s dependence upon the IELTS test (International English Languate Testing System) to determine the English language level skills of would-be immigrants may soon becoming to an end as a recent reports say alternative exams, such as TOEFL (The Test of English as a Foreign Language) are now also being considered.

According to The Daily Gaurdian, an Australian newspaper has quoted an Immigration & Citizenship Department spokesman as saying that the minister in charge, Chris Evans, had written to ETS, the US company that produces Toefl, and other test providers to tell them of “his in-principal support for the acceptance of more than one English language test under the migration regulations”.

“We’re very hopeful. There’s really no objective reason why Toefl could not be confidently used in the Australian [immigration] context,” Eileen Tyson, an ETS representative in Australia, told the newspaper.

In 2008 immigration officials launched a review of the Ielts monopoly by inviting other test providers to make their case for recognition.

Last month Evans also revealed a new, scaled-down list of occupations that will be accepted under the skilled migration programme, a major route to settlement for foreign nationals. The number of eligible jobs has been reduced as part of a move by the government to match workers to higher-skilled and in-demand Australia May Accept TOEFL Qualifications Australian Government Considering TOEFL English Testing for Immigrantsemployment.

The new Skilled Occupation List has been compiled by Skills Australia, an independent body established by the government to assess workforce needs. “This list is designed to target occupations of longer-term economic value and will deliver highly skilled migrants while breaking the nexus between permanent residency and low-value education courses,” Evans said.

This is  great news for all Thai learners of English as a Foreign language, especially if you are considering working in Australia, or if you have an employee who would be a vital asset to your Australian business.  So why not contact us today and see how ETC… English Training Courses can help you prepare for your TOEFL test.

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